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By cgrimley
While in AC 20 in a teamwork project, I am unable to modify a few of the view settings for any stored views. The settings that can't be modified includes Structure Display, Graphic Override, and Renovation Filter.
I've tested solo .pln's and those can be modified no problem, but not while in teamwork, even with everything in the project reserved.
See attached screen shot.

The work around is to delete the stored view and re-create it with the corrected settings but doing this also unlinks the stored view from any placed layouts.
Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 4.21.34 PM.png
Click on the yellow warning triangle.
Does it give you any more info or a reason why it is locked?

It says "Structure Display Settings/Graphic Override/Renovation Filter of this view is not editable. For more information press F1." Which just takes me to the Help menu for View settings.
cgrimley wrote:Barry,
It says "Structure Display Settings/Graphic Override/Renovation Filter of this view is not editable. For more information press F1." Which just takes me to the Help menu for View settings.

Well that didn't tell you anything that you didn't already know!
I am not a teamwork user but if it is working in a solo PLN then I would say there must be something not being reserved in the teamwork file (again not saying anything you didn't already know).
Do you need to be the team leader so you have access to change all elements and attributes in the file (sorry don't know much about teamwork).

Ya, I've reserved everything in the project from the Teamwork>Reserve All menu. All permissions are checked in the teamwork user roles.

This is a known limitation of ARCHICAD, as the Detail Tool was developed a long time ago, before the live views (like Sections or Elevations) were developed.

It's more typical for sections and elevations to be changed more often than for details. Also the Renovation function came many years later and it was not possible in the scope of the project to have Details re-worked to accommodate this one item.

Let me share a video from Nick Cornia, GRAPHISOFT NA, it explains very well the situation: ...

There is a possible workflow to change the contents of the detail, but not the PSD/Reno settings in the View Settings:

1. Open the detail
2. Change PSD/Reno settings (you'll get notifications that you need to rebuild the View)
3. Rebuild the View. Changes made earlier will be lost.
4. The View will keep these updated contents, unless you rebuild it from the source View again.

Noemi, thanks for the reply. This caused me to investigate a little further to find out what types of views can and can't be modified AFTER saving the stored view. And I believe I was comparing a floor plan view in a solo project vs. a section view in my teamwork project. Come to find out that I can't change those settings in a solo or teamwork for Sections, Elevations, Details, and Worksheets that are "live" or linked, but I can for any stored view that is derived from the Stories or Independent Details and Worksheets.
I knew that I couldn't modify renovation status for sections/elevations/details in v18 and it sucks a little bit, but I dealt with it since that usually doesn't ever change. In v20 it's the new Graphic Override setting that I'm finding needs to be changed more frequently. I guess I'll learn to live with it for the time being.
Hi All,
This issue is probably not purely related to teamwork as these options can become greyed out even within solo projects if the following criteria is met: If the viewpoint or a drawing is set to manual update then the following options will be greyed out: Partial Structure Display Graphic Override Renovation Filter This tends to crop up quite frequently if you save a view of a detail. The solution is if the renovation filter is incorrect for the detail view, you have to go back to the source, change the renovation filter then create a new view. Please try this out, best, k