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By Yacinetoni
I'm planning to buy a new laptop but i'm confused between two, the first one is better in gpu and the second is better in cpu, can you help me

Option 1:
1_Clevo p177sm
Cpu: i7-4710mq
Gpu: gtx 970m
Ram 16go
Screen 17.3"

Option 2:
2_alienware 17
Cpu: i7-4910mq
Gpu: gtx 880m
Ram 8go can be upgraded to 16go
Screen 17.3"

So can you tell me please the best for archicad work and rendering
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By vistasp
Is there very much difference between the 4710 and 4910 processors? The CPU advantage will only be useful for rendering, not for general work.

When it comes to the GPU, the 970m is, apparently, much more efficient than the 880m.

Finally, don't forget the RAM. Is the first machine upgradable to more than 16GB?
By Yacinetoni
honestly i dont know how much is the difference between 4710mq and 4910mq, all i know is that the 4910mq is better
And for the ram, Yes Clevo is upgradable to 32 gb
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By LaszloNagy
The 4910mq has 0.4 GHz higher frequency than the 4710mq so it will be faster in Rendering: ... o-3_50-GHz ... o-3_90-GHz

Go with at least 16 GB of RAM (or even 32 GB if you can), it is the most important component in my opinion. You may have a fast processor or a fast system, but if you run out of RAM, all of that doesn't matter, your system will slow down dramatically.
By Yacinetoni
Thanks for sharing your experience, the laptop with 4910mq doesnt support 32 go so i will go with laptop with 4710mq,
you helped me so much laszlonagy and vistasp, thank you