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By bobup
Can an .xyz file (presumably a point cloud from another application) be opened or viewed in ArchiCAD?
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By mikas
Yes it can.
I think the file must contain the color values for each point, ie.
At least in AC19. Not sure about AC20.
By bobup
Thanks David, I believe the point cloud imported correctly. At least I can see it in plan view. I tried to view it in 3D but it's not showing up. I'll experiment with this and see what I come up with.

Thanks again.
By bobup
The troubleshooting guide was a big help. It helped solve a few related issues. It turns out that after zooming out with the wheel on the mouse in 3D, I still couldn't see the point cloud. I then, after your reply, hit the zoom to extents button and the image showed up. It was there all along.

Thanks for your replies as I would have been trying for days to figure this out.