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By martineide

First of all i just want to say its super awesome that grasshopper is implemented into archicad!

I have a question concerning slowdown. I am quite new to grasshopper so I descided to make a really simple start with grasshopper-archicad. All i am doing is creating geometry which i then use move to copy around on a big grid. These geometries are then simply made into morphs with archicad materials. In archicad i then make them into objects.

Grasshopper has no problem in doing everything, including the copying of all the geometry with move command, but the second i activate archicad connection and start the morphs everything slows down alot!

Its not that its not working and its not crashing the computer, but it tells me that i cant take this further when it comes to detailing.

Are there any ideas?

Im sending a screenshot of one of the geometry move into morph chains(which the file then contains alot of)(I use a union when there are more elements,,, for some reason this seemed to work best)

Please tell me if there are some seriously stupid things in my little setup.

It might be that there are just too many of these instances I here show.

Im running ac 20 btw
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By LaszloNagy
I have reported this issue to GRAPHISOFT and today I received the information that this bug is being fixed and it will be working fine in the next update which is coming soon (no exact date was mentioned).