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By toman311
I wish to be able to control the casing width for each side of the window differently. I want to be able to specify that the right casing is, say, 3.5" and the right casing could be 5.5". Then the top casing could be 2.5" as well. Also when adjusting this casing width, if two different windows casing edges touch each other, the line between the casing should disappear.

This was present in ArchiCAD 18. I am not sure about it being in ArchiCAD 19. I am for sure it is not in ArchiCAD 20.

An example for this problem is when I draw two windows so that a stud can fit between them. The only way I can think of putting casing between these windows (because there is a 3" gap between the windows, so they are not butted into each other) is to use morphs and SEO. A real pain. I miss ArchiCAD 18's feature that had the custom casing widths.

I guess I could also use an "empty window opening" to remove the wall.
By toman311
I found the answer to this problem that nobody seems to apparently be having besides me.

The answer is...

When casings are desired to be different widths (in ArchiCAD 20 that I know of), gang the side of the window you want to mull to another window and check the casing box right beneath the box you checked to gang that side of the window. Then, to get that casing to meet the other windows casing you are mulling it to (which will be ganged on the appropriate side of course), adjust the shim space under "Nominal Sizes and Tolerance". The casing width with adjust according to the shim space number.

... and that is how you do custom casing dimensions in ArchiCAD 20.
It took me around a year to finally realize this answer! I am going to enjoy drawing windows so much more!

This is much better than using the Morph tool to fill in the gaps for every piece of the window.