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By Dragan Weber
Same here with ArchiCAD 20 Build 3016 MacOSX 10.11

Fast moving of the mouse or any premature Action on the keyobard after hitting enter shrinks text to 0.1.

Can be avoided (In my case) when not moving the mouse and waiting ca. 2,0 seconds after hitting enter when text is finished.

Something quite similar happens when typing values into the tracker, hitting enter and hitting Esc too fast afterwards, the value then suddenly jumps always up to 100.

Empiric testing found out that this must have to do something with the mouse / keyoboard doubleclick Speed because reducing the doubleclick intervalls of the mouse significantly reduced text shrinking events.

Trackerproblem with esc key stays the same though as i have no possibility to change the keyboard settings.

A solution or at least explanation of the support would be appreciated.
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By Richard Morrison
This was apparently resolved in the last hotfix -- 5025. (At least in the International version. If you have the German version, you will have to wait a little, since it's not out yet.)
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By Barry Kelly
TKSANTOS wrote:Has anyone resolved this problem? Thanks

Do you have the latest build 5025?
It is available for AUS.

I have never seen this issue myself but I certainly can't reproduce it in build 5025 when I try.