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Topics related to the Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Connection and the various tasks that can be achieved with it.

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By Derek Entesano
I am just starting to play with the connection plugin and see that V20 has many more parameters to play with. I am currently doing a randomized facade that is working well. However I am wanting to randomize the colour of some fins between two different surface materials. Any thoughts as to which grasshopper component will allow me to plug different surface or composite inputs into?

As an aside the my Archicad points dont seem to be translating into grasshopper points like they should. They seem to shift in strange directions. What could be affecting this?


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By leceta
"pick´n´choose" component serves for this purpose (in conjuction of other compontents, as shown in the image)
By Derek Entesano
Thank you! Some great ideas in there. I ended up using Random Split List from Lunchbox which also has a seed value so I could change my 'randomness' easily.

I am still having problems with converting an archiCad point into a grasshopper point. Archicad is in mm and Rhino is in mm but the data is coming in as metres. Any thoughts as to how to get the point data in mm without deconstructing the points multipling by 1000 and constructing the point?