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By DGSketcher
Does the orbit command exist in the desktop viewer? Having just nudged an associate without AC into using the BIMx desktop viewer the first embarrassing question was "How do I spin the model around?". This is ok on my iOS mobile devices but seems to be another failing of the desktop viewer in addition to its inability to view 2D layouts. :oops: :roll: :evil:
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By Erwin Edel
F8 should switch to parallel view. Left mouse button should rotate, mouse wheel zooms and right mouse button should pan.

Haven't used it in years, so not sure if still holds true :)
By DGSketcher
Thanks Erwin. I can orbit in parallel view but I hate how it looks, which may be why you haven't used it in years?

I was hoping there was a perspective orbit mode?

Totally confused why the desktop viewer is so far behind the mobile version. If you wanted to sell AC as the preferred source for BIM documents then the desktop version viewer should work exactly the same as the mobile so the whole construction team can share the "experience".
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By Erwin Edel
There's no orbit in perspective.

You can use fly mode (press F I think), and then fly around the model. Shift should speed up movement.

But I agree that the mobile/tablet app is more intuitive and has better features, which is why I haven't used the desktop app in ages. It also suffers from 'flickering' when exploring. I think the engine used hasn't been updated in many years. It was great back in 2006/2007 though, when we first got Virtual Building Explorer (I think).
By Tomi Perko
How is it possible to or orbit or turn oround in bimx, I can move up and down and left to righr, but nothing happens with mouse? I´ve tried it with two different machines? How can it be so that the most simple thing is so difficult that you have to seek answers in forums like this? :twisted:
By SenecaDesignLLC
When using a desktop you must hit esc to get out of the menu screen. then it behaves the same as a first person shooter