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Is there a way to force Archicad to always run in demo mode only.

We have network licenses but someone on our network wants to be able to look at the 3D models.
He never needs to make alterations or save anything.
If I just install Archicad it will automatically seek out a network license and block one of our production drafties from using it.

Is it just a case of deleting the WIBU key software on his machine once it is installed or is there another way (ie registry setting or a setting in the WIBU key dialogue?).

Thought I would check here before installing and experimenting and wasting a lot of time.

Thanks Kristian but I've tried that.
When we install Archicad we occationally forget to add the server names and nine times out of ten Archicad just browses the entire network and finds a spare license.
Occationally it comes up and says no license available so that's when I know that the server names haven't been added.
Maybe if I untick all the "WIBU-key subsystem" check boxes as well this might do it.
I guess I will just have to experiment after all.
You may share the project as TW2 project and assign that user the Viewer Role.
He can join any project but will only be able to view thing, but not modify anything.
Thanks Laszlo.
It's not that I am worried about him making changes.
I just don't want him using up one of our network licenses meaning that one of our drafties can't get on and work.
This is where we could use that "Archicad file viewer".
Hi Barry,

Yes, without a server name or IP address, the WIBU client will search the network for a WIBU key server. The IP address or server name mostly just speeds up the process.

You want to disable the network search feature on that client's computer entirely. Or, just uninstall the WIBU driver there if it will never need to run with a license.

On the Client tab of the WkConfig utility, clear the checkbox for WkLAN.

Is there an updated procedure for getting this to work, now that we don't have WIBU technology anymore?

Same issue here at our office - we want to allow some staff to open ArchiCAD in Demo mode to view files without taking a licence slot.
If you are using a codemeter key then just uninstall the codemeter drivers.
That should do it.