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By pitrak
I know there were some older posts on this topic, but they don't adress my specific suggestion.

The current story settings are not flexible for renovation projects. We always draw the current situation with the existing story settings, but often the new story setting are different.
In that case you either have to adapt your "existing" and "to be demolished" elements to your new settings. Which is a pain, especially as you are experimenting with different story settings. Or you have to offset the height of all new elements in reference to the story settings of the exisiting construction.

It could be a lot simpler with two story settings:

1. exisiting
2. new

Obviously the new story heights should not affect 'existing' and 'to be demolished' elements!

It would be even better if we could lock new elements or layers to prevent them from changing with the story settings. But my primary wish is to have stories implemented in the renovation status logic.
By DGSketcher
Democracy at work :-)

Sometimes our wishes are quite personally focussed. Whilst your own frustrations may be significant to you, the majority may not be dealing with the same issues or they may have a "workaround" to suit their circumstances. Consider your problem a challenge, draw upon the versatile strengths of AC and explore the options or even explain your problem in the open forum where you may get some pointers from those with relevant experience.
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By pitrak
Hi DGSketcher,

I was under the impression that my frustrations were universal 8)
I know how to deal with changing story settings (manually, which is not very BIM-minded..), and I know a lot of AC users that are frustrated about the lack of flexibility with the AC story settings. I don't see versatile strength here. There are like 3-6 workarounds for most AC challenges, but I know none for this problem..

Anyway, I was just wondering if this was forum related (busy users, so not much interaction), or due to my post - not clear enough or too personal a wish.
I used to be a regular visitor and poster at the PPB forum (pushpullbar - forum for architecture and sketchup matters) and maybe I'm used to more interaction and faster responses.

cheers, p
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By Dave Jochum
This is absolutely essential for architects involved with renovations. If you have a single story house to which you are adding a second story, there is no reasonable (BIM) way to properly show the existing UPPER PLATE story morphing to UPPER FLOOR story with an added UPPER PLATE story (one level higher than the original).
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By pitrak
Well, seems like we'll have to wait another year!
No story settings update in AC21.

Looking forward to seeing al the new tools in detail. And still hoping for more powerful and flexibel story settings in AC22. Or 23 :?
Split-levels, redefining story settings without changes in the outer shell, renovation story settings, ... It could all be a lot easier than it is now.
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By Dave Jochum
pitrak wrote:Well, seems like we'll have to wait another year!
No story settings update in AC21.

Split-levels, redefining story settings without changes in the outer shell, renovation story settings, ... It could all be a lot easier than it is now.

I completely agree.
By alemanda
What I'm saying is just brainstorming and I don't have archicad in front of me and I never tried what I'm going to suggest.
My idea is to draw the existing project and save it as pln, then open it as hotlink in a new pln where the story setting is different and add all the new element ... The elements saved as references to the story setting should adjust automatically to the levels of the host file, no?
Could it work?
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By pitrak
Hi Alemanda,

I must have missed your reply here. I'm not very familiar with hotlinking, but I think you have to reference everything in the hotlink to one story in the pln. If not, it will translate to the story settings of the base pln. Right?

And you cannot change the renovation status of the elements in the hotlink. So you could add things, but not demolish certain parts.

So it's quite flawed as a workaround I'm afraid.

In the meanwhile, I'm working on another renovation in which a story height will probably change!