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By leceta

is it planned to make public the API you are using to develop grasshopper components? This would open to the user community the option to develop custom ArchiCAD/GH components and hopefully speed-up the components ecosystem creation...

I presume the existence of a wrapped C++ library to C# or some .Net compatible language to make possible the communication between Grasshopper and ArchiCAD, but probably I´am being quite naif here (I´am noob in programming)...

Anyway, and open API in .net for ArchiCAD (al least if this is technically possible) would be fantastic.

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By mikas
I am no programmer either, but I think grasshopper programming interface is open allready. Please check links.
GH Guide
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By leceta
Sure, I meant to expose the archicad API (in C++) wrapped to some .Net language in order to us, the community, be able to use it directly in grasshopper for the development of new components.

I know this could be a lot of work, but hey, just wishing...
how do you marry C# and C++/ i a development environment?

Wouldn't .NET cripple Mac/Windows compatibility? Aren't DLLs the reason that many GH plug-ins don't work on the Mac version?
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By leceta
mmhh cant say too much about the details, but grasshopper is in fact developed in .NET, and still runs in Macs based ion Mono project. .NET is definitively cross platform, at least that said the advertisement ; )

It seems also that this dll problem is somehow solved by mono project

About the not working plugins of grasshopper on mac, not sure about the reason as long as I am windows user... Maybe the reason is that Rhinocommon for Mac is still in WIP. Just guessing...

Anyway, as I said, i´am not an expert programmer by no means, so i´am not seeing the whole picture, for sure...