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Everything about GDL - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: I created an object that prints an error message in 3D all the time, please help!)

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Thanks to everyone's help i have made some good progress today, Using ACAD14 solved a number of issues. The advice from Endre, Olivier, Juha, Sincev6, David and Roberto (including his locator object) has been invaluable.

I got the Tree Locator Object working, the x and y coordinates get published into a schedule, the schedule is used to fill another database which will be imported to Global Mapper for GIS export. A few things to iron out but not much.

At work tmw I will upload the object and a screen capture and hopefully this might help someone else.

Notable lessons : !

1 - modifying the locator script and declaring the parameters via the Masterscript (and using ACAD14) has made an object that continually updates where it's placed (NO MORE ZEROS!).
2 - using the GLOB_WORLD_ORIGO_OFFSET_X commands (per Juha) ensured the x and y were in global coordinates
3 - setting up the schedule ensure easy output to excel

my thanks, I'm really happy and grateful
It's great, but in my opinion you should modify it a little more:
1. Make your treeID parameter a boolean, to show or not the ID.
2. Change your code:
Code: Select allgamma=treeID

Code: Select allgamma=GLOB_ID

so you can change the ID using the info box (skip opening the settings dialog, it's a real time saver)
3. Add the circle option.

Inspired, I added these simple changes to the object I use in the library. (for AC15)

Best regards.

EDIT: on a side note... how's AC handling those large coordinates? have you noticed any calculation issues because of being too far from the project origin?
2012.07.13 version
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Thanks for the suggestions and the updates! great :-)
thanks for your time,
i will go and make some edits and improvements, the obj is working well for us and i think it will be worth ironing some things (as you've suggested)..

I haven;t noticed a problem with the handling of the big numbers.. I'll keep my eye out for it, it will be interesting because we take the x,y coords out of cad, into a GIS program and potentially back to Cad later, so i will take note

thanks, regards
I have the same problem trying to change an object parameter to SYMB_POS_X + GLOB_WORLD_ORIGO_OFFSET_X in Archicad 12. The parameter displays zero.
When I place the exact same object in AC20 the object works fine.
It seems Archicad 12 reads SYMB_POS_X as zero even though in 2D script if you enter TEXT2 0,0, SYMB_POS_X the plan view shows the correct value.
Any workaround?

John Koutitsas
Is GLOB_WORLD_ORIGO_OFFSET_X a valid command in version 12?
I don't have it installed anymore so can't see the GDL documentation.

Barry Kelly wrote:Is GLOB_WORLD_ORIGO_OFFSET_X a valid command in version 12?
I don't have it installed anymore so can't see the GDL documentation.


It is there - I managed to find an old copy.
I can confirm that you can not set the SYMB_POS_X value as a parameter in 12 but you can in 20.
It may be a bug in 12 that will never be fixed now.
Is there a reason why you still need to use 12?