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Modeling and drafting in Archicad. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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Hi Friends,

I am working on a multi-unit development with different floor finish levels for each unit as the site is on a slope. I have realised from browsing around that so far what people are doing with multi-unit project is to utilise hotlinks to bring projects into a master pln. However, when I started out I just did everything in one project and manually drew my reference levels.

When it comes to window scheduling, there are a few things I wish to understand. First, is it possible to change the material of different window sashes, say I want the transom sashes to have low transparency (obscured) and the awnings to be clear, is there a way to get them to display a fill on the obscured sashes in elevation or schedule rather than drawing a fill for each window? Second, is there any tips on quickly doing window schedules, when I have a project where the sill heights in the window schedule is messed up because I have different floor finish levels for each unit and I have been ignoring the project's storey levels.

Help is always greatly appreciated.