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By abdelaziz
Acquisition of a license by facility of payment
-A solution that could attract a lot of users to archicad

7000 euros / 4 = 1750 euros by 3 months

-In case of non renewal of the rent does not lose the 1750 euros

-The 1750 euros will be useful to acquire a perpetual license , Encouraging the young entrepreneur has adopted this solution Because in the end they pay only 1000 euros per year + a license perpetuele

In summary can acquire a perpetual license over several years :D
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By LaszloNagy
I guess this is what business loans are for, no?
People can get a loan from the bank, pay for the licence and then pay back the bank over a period of time.
I think the "rent to own" concept has a lot of merit, and is pretty common in the U.S., especially for furniture. Getting a loan is likely to be difficult for a student just coming out of school, or someone just starting a business, and not losing all the money you've put into a rental subscription would be attractive to a prospective user. Graphisoft doesn't necessarily have to apply 100% of the rental costs to the equity build-up, although they could without too much pain, I think.
By abdelaziz
The goal is to make users more easily enter the loop
-Today we have difficulty recruiting staff because our workload is not canstante
-We found it difficult to find competent staff
-We recruit for a period of 3 months to 6 months according to the approved contracts,
-I can not buy a license for an employee of 6 months and after 6 months no project no salary and a license in addition that I do not use
-This is just one example among others
-We ask just a little more flexibility to access your product
-Believe me when I say that the competition is aggressive, every month we have offers, I do my best to stay with ARCHICAD and it's hard :roll:
By abdelaziz
-This service is not at the graphisoft official representative, but the idea is not the simple rental ,
-The aspect is a hiring that leads to an appropriation ,
-Simple renting is not a solution Because the simple lease is the problem for an "architecture agency" to change BIM software
-The solution is to give desire to hired because in the end nobody loses