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Several people in our office have noticed an annoying intermittent problem. Sometimes when we go into the object tool settings dialog and search for an object (such as "WC" for WC 20 or "Cab" for any of the cabinets), no results are found. (In these cases it doesn't even search online even though I have selected the to search online in the search options menu.) Now I know these items exist in the ArchiCAD 20 library because I can find them myself after doing some digging.

This was not an issue in AC18, is this related to some new feature or change in ArchiCAD 20? Has anyone experienced this or know whats going on?

I am not seeing this problem but I am Windows and not Mac.
I was wondering if the search criterial was too short but as I say it is working for me.

However I am getting an error message from BIM Components at the moment (see attached image).

Barry, did you get that error yesterday?

Yesterday, around noon Mountain Time (I think) I was having a hard time downloading objects from The download just kept timing out. They must have been having server issues or something? I was able to download the object later in the day.