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Hi everyone,

AC-GH connection crashes when accessing to the "composite" component list once added the component in GH.

Any solution ?

I'm running:
Windows 10 (64bits)
Rhino 90days SR13
GH 0.9.0076
Archicad 20 (4020)

Thanks in advance

I found the focus problem although I can't solve it so far...
It's the composites attibute file of my *.tpl template. In other files doesn't fail.
So, now I need to find where is the bug in the attribute file. Maybe the índex numbers ? Any idea ?
It could be a bug in the file, but it could also be a bug in how the Add-In handles TPL files as opposed to PLN files. I don't really know, I am just guessing.
I will forward this report to GRAPHISOFT.
If it is a bug, I am sure they will find it and fix it (hopefully soon).
Hi Laszlo,
Today I will send to Akós the file.
I was examinating further, and the focus seemed the Surfaces, not the composites. In spite of that, I think it's better GS look around it.