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Hi. I am now working in Archicad20 and Artlantis 5. Artlantis 5 are perfect for me because of the speed and quality. I also have Artlantis 6.5 but its to slow.
The Art.5 cant last forever, so now i am looking for a new rendering software..
I have looked in to Lumion, but it only works in Windows, and I love my Mac. I only do interior renderings, and it seems like Lumion maybe are working best for exterior rendering?
Do anyone have experience with Lumion and interior rendering?
Do anyone know about another rendering software wich can compete with Artlantis 5 in speed and quality?
It is important that the preview window reveals well my lightsetting and texturing. I dont have time for rendering then seeing my mistakes..
I have been using Artlantis since V4. It did slow down a lot when V6 came out, but with adjusting settings, updates, and V6.5, my experience is that it is now very close in speed to pre-version 6.

I believe there were two speed issues: the preview, and final rendering. Multi-node rendering speeds up the final rendering process. Version 6.5 also has new preview settings to speed up the preview.

When V6 first came out, I couldn't even use it; now the speed difference is not a factor for the most part (though it is still slower).
Try TWINMOTION or Enscape! Both are LIVE RENDERS... I can get a 4k image from Enscape in about 10sec.

If you enjoy the OBJECTS in ARTLANTIS, you'll want to look at Twinmotion (made by abvent)…

There's an upgrade path...

I really like the idea of Live Render. What I am hoping for in the not to distant future is for there to be no separation between the model and render views - modeling in a 3D window that is also the live render view.
This will eventually end the idea of Rendering as we know it. The quality of the screen shots will be better than what we used to get from hours of render time. We are almost there now. And in terms of what is needed for communicating even critical details, a screen can already be more than adequate.
Consider what you consider an adequate rendering with CineRender and compare that to a good screen shot. Is that rendering any more useful to you than the screen shot?
It depends on your screen but my screen shots are pretty dam good with some programs and even with ArchiCAD - I would rather see product development going into better screen shots than a better rendering engine.
too bad it all adds up to something I can never afford
And this does not include the 8K monitor:)
Lingwisyer wrote:
Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:29 am
$20k worth of graphics cards. What on earth is in the rest of the system to be another $40k?
a Terabyte of RAM :) and superfast SSD's, Dual Intel Xeon Gold 5215L 2.5GHz, 3.4GHz Turbo, 10C, 10.4GT/s 2UPI, 13.75MB Cache, HT (85W) 4.5TB D.... I went to the Dell Website and started configuring a 7920 Workstation just for fun. What is happening to our industry ( and others) is that the cost of technology - (hardware AND software) is getting so high that it is putting the sole proprietor out of business. You would have to do a lot of projects to absorb the cost for something like that. 5 or 6 good projects and a handful of little ones to fill in any down time is plenty for me. I am happy enough with the computer I have for now.