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I wish, that polyroofs could interact with single roof-planes in the same way its possible only with single roofs.

If you want to "cut" 2 single roofs together, you can klick on one edge of the first and command-click on the (near) edge of the second roof and it brings the edge to the intersecting line of both planes. Then You need to do the other way round to get the 2 planes put together.

This should be possible also for edges of polyroofs.


I wish that this connected single-roof-planes should stay connected after editing the planes like changed degrees or z-Hights similar to the polyroof-functionality.


The roofmaker does not work correctly in my opinion, because it places all the libraryparts on the down-planes of the roofs rising from there. Thats "!§$:?&%^"&censord..." - sorry for my hard words.. and that causes much further work that would not be nescessary if the libraryparts would be placed "under" the Roofplanes.

a normal roof does look something like this an not like archicad has implemented the roofmaker:,d.bGs&psig=AFQjCNHgMTK0WURPsnHSD6YhCX1mTfXU3A&ust=1487240341112623

Or do You find a single Roof-Detail that uses Archicads silly solution? ... raufdetail

The rafter always is UNDER the roof-volume!!


The roofmaker schould be directly implemented into the normal roof-tool and some solutions for the different layers needed within the house-walls and out of their boundaries should be solved. The connection between Roofs and Walls should be solved correctly. The instance - numbers of the building materials does not solve the job comletely... Its an open issue.
Yes, i think your comments are good point. The roof tool should be enhanced by including an improved version of the Roofmaker right in the main tool with the correct placement of the rafters or have the option to choose their elevation