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By thompsonmp

Apologies if I'm repeating a question that has probably been asked numerous times.

I've been using Revit for a good few years now and consider myself quite an advanced user but as part of a new job, I will be making the switch to archicad.

I've worked through the first volume of the tutorials available and will continue to do so with the others but I'd like to ask everyone's advice on what they feel is the best way to get up to speed.

I don't want to try and run before I can walk but equally I want to get running as soon as possible!

What are the best resources for learning and content?
Are there any good introductory books (I like something tangible and home internet is >2Mb/s)
What steps for learning would everyone advise?

Thanks in advance for any comments/guidance.


A perennial question, but one always worth asking.

I've got a few recent(ish) posts that'll help. Some of them are more BIM focused, so as a Revit user you probably understand that stuff already. But starting a new program it's worth reviewing the basics of why we do BIM in the first place as it'll help you stay focused on your journey.

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Hope that all helps. I also highly recommend watching lots of YouTube videos. I link to some channels in the first post, but here's mine:

What I like about YouTube videos is it gives you a chance to watch people work, which is always super enlightening.