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Everything about GDL - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: I created an object that prints an error message in 3D all the time, please help!)

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I understand the 3D script quite well, but the 2D scripting is still somewhat mysterious... Does every object need a full 2D script?

Any tips to understand this better (help files, guides, ...)?

Thanks (and apologies for bumping, but I really want to finish this object...)
I haven't had a look at this but just wanted to point out that a section view is not a 2D view.
Sections and elevations show what is in your 3D script.
The 2D script is only for the plan view.

I think your script is missing some... BODY 8) (yeahhhhhhh)

All jokes aside, take a look at the BODY command. It should combine all those primitives into a solid, if memory serves. GDL reference guide page 139 and onwards.
B.E.A.T. wrote:Thx for the reply Barry!

that is what I thought, and that is why I figured out that the reason for not seeing a section fill has to do with the object not being 'solid'...

So bottom line: are only prisms and primitives "capable" of being solid within GDL?

Primitives are only surfaces so unless they form a closed form they can not be solid.

I just created a couple of quick morphs and deleted the face on one.
This of course creates an empty box.
When save as an object the closed one is solid but the empty box is not.

If you look I the GDL manual all the 3D shapes can be solid but the trick is you must give the MODEL SOLID command before scripting them.

You can also make them MODEL SURFACE (in which case they will be empty inside) or MODEL WIRE (in which case they will just be edge lines).

The primitive elements are just 2D planes but if put together to form a fully enclosed shape they can be solid - but only with the MODEL SOLID command first.

Hope this helps a bit.

Great info guys! Will test as soon as possible!

Barry: I did similar tests, but didn't find the piece of cod that made the difference

Erwin: the actual script is much longer and had the "body" command. I probably made a misstaken in it somewhere...

PS: wonderkind how the BM-option in GDL for AC21 will simplify the representation of objects in 2D/3D...