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By rwallis
A wonderful treat for AC9 was the free release of GDL Toolbox.

Unfortunately it was never updated to run under AC10.

Now we are at AC11, and still no such capability exists in the basic ArchiCAD product. By that I mean basic visual 3d modelling tools.
Compared with 3D modellers it was very agricultural, but it did really extend what was possible in ArchiCAD.

Couldn't GS pull this under its umbrella - at the least - or introduce something like it?
By adytc
rwallis wrote:Couldn't GS pull this under its umbrella - at the least - or introduce something like it?

That would be great.
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By keith Peacock
THis would be a great help in creation of objects
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By rwallis
Dear Keith,

That post was in 2007

still not addressed

wonder why the users are jaded?
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By keith Peacock
I know. I see that it was posted again in February of this year. I know GS looks at and reads theses postings.
If more people post then possibly some action will be taken to assist us with GDL. The process currently is tedious at best. If it were not for the GDL Cook book I would be know half as much about GDL.
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By lec1212
Just found this.
Even though logged in it would not let me vote.
New Gdl toolbox, why is it not time yet?
By didrik
Does the poll close when the wish has been granted?
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By Constantin Cozma
So why was the GDL Toolbox abandoned?
This should have been integrated into Archicad 3D Window for enhancing and bringing the GDL modelling into the 21st century. No matter how good you are in coding, nothing can replace an user friendly interface for modelling, especially in a visual profession of architecture...
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By LaszloNagy
As far as I remember the GDL Toolbox was developed by a 3rd party, not GRAPHISOFT. I guess when the 3rd party stopped updating it, GRAPHISOFT chose not to seek to take it over and incorporate its functionality into the program. They probably had different ideas.