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Hi There,

Since we recently upgraded the CM driver 6.40a and the up to date License Manager Tool in order to solve an ARCHICAD 20 licensing issue the ArchiSuite add-on is not licensing. The ArchiSuite tool was working fine before upgrading the CM driver. Please see attached screenshots.

- We tried a different port
- We uninstalled and reinstalled the latest WIBU driver version 6.32 from the GRAPHISOFT website
- Uninstalled ArchiSuite and reinstalled
- Please see attached screenshots

Cigraph is unresponsive.
Any suggestions much appreciated! Thanks!
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By Gerald Hoffman
This is something you should be talking to Cigraph about. It is not an ArchiCad issue really.
Thanks for posting back with a solution - just in case others encounter the same problem.

About ArchiSuite and Cigraph plug-ins...

Some of their plug-ins look interesting, but they also look like what they are doing, we can already do in ArchiCAD with out them.

I wish they would cut to the chase in their product descriptions and tell us exactly what the plug-in can do that we can't already do with ArchiCAD, and exactly how they think the plug-in is better.