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Is anyone currently using Flux and ArchiCAD together? Does Graphisoft have a response for this new product, or a plug-in in the works? ... on-30.html

Flux has a plugin for grasshopper. Does that mean there is no need to have a plugin for Flux and ArchiCAD directly? Revit does have a plugin for Flux.

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By stefan
Flux has an open API. So it is technically possible.

I don't think the Grasshopper connection is the solution here.

But somebody has to develop this and this takes time (and thus cost). As Flux is a commercial initiative (subscription service) it depends on the need for it, I guess. I believe that the Grasshopper connection was pushed by some big ARCHICAD clients.
This is what I found on a Flux Community Board: ... oming.html

So it seems it will come at some point but not in the near future.

Actually, there is already a wish on the forum: ... hp?t=55035

I personally see Flux becoming an important data exchange platform, so it would be great to have a connection to it.