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Rhino to ac export ifc object how to modify the structure to the wall pillar, i want to put the door .... and windows
The network has taught how to import archicad the rhino model, but to modify the floor plan and elevation of the structure can be seen, even if the same as icf wall can not be installed into the door,
I use a one-month period of VisualARQ I can not use, the network on this to write a long list do not understand English, so I were using rhino to build a shape, archicad draw plan, but the deformation of the structure need to put in, so both To be fit, do not use the Internet to say that the import settings to modify (because I did not change this), I hope that the individual settings can be modified into the doors and windows into the wall and board, as well as the amount of steel into the column and In the rhino into the doors and windows because there is no effect immediately open hole must use their own)
Ps. Floor plan archicad furniture window has been painted, but the appearance of rhino want to import the wall but no way to plan and open the doors and windows, hoping to guide how to modify ifc settings can become editable and modified, you can also put the door and window (The left is archicad, the right is rhino)
How to edit ifc settings can be placed in doors and windows.png
This is the plane, I use the archicad18, rhino is 5, can tell me detailed point of operation mode, because I crawl on the Internet has been 2 days or no way to modify the settings and can put the door into,
If the deformable body can be put into the wall