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I have trouble understanding what is the difference between Administrator's if we consider access rights to files and folders.

If i am correct, both Administrators have full access to all folders and projects which are located on the serwer.

Is there a way i could give ownership of a folder to one person and prevent this person from being able to access other folders and files?

Thank you in advance for answer.

Hi Jedrzej,

In a BIM Server, every project gets the Everyone Member’s default access setting, which means even if the user does not have any ARCHICAD permission based on his/her role, the user will be able to see and login into the project.
You can remove this access entry (select the project and open the project’s Access panel), then you can add users one by one to the access list to limit the number of users who can see the project. But those users who have Project or Server administrator management role have full access to all projects (you cannot change this in a BIM Server). The difference between the two management roles are:
- server admin can see and modify the Modules page
- server admin can create and modify users and roles

In BIMcloud, there is a more detailed permission system where you can setup the management roles more precisely (you can set all type of management permissions on the Roles page and you can create user groups).