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By philips
Note sure if it wasn't before.

It would be great to have a ability to enter value for move/copy/rotate/elevate/etc in the tracker using simple math operations like:

Code: Select all=124,5*3 enter
=620/7 enter
=136+87 enter

Even more, when using multiply and division it could ask if you don't want to do a "Sketchup like" array, which is in my opinion an absolutely genius helper.

For me totaly essential.
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By Barry Kelly
You can now for addition and subtraction but not for multiply and divide.

There is already a number in you tracker so all you have to do is move you mouse so the initial number is correct as your starting point, TAB to the figure you want to change if it is not the BOLD figure, then type what you want to add or subtract and then press + or -.
If you are finished then press enter or keep adding and subtracting to any of the figures by selecting it then typing a number with + or - after it.

The trick is you place the + or - after the figure you want to add or subtract and the number currently in your tracker is the base figure for the calculation.

By thompsonmp
This is one element I miss having moved from Revit.

Being able to enter calculations for a dimension meant I didn't need to pick up my calculator.

I also liked being able to enter feet and inches and for it to convert to mm and vice versa.