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By minerva
Hello guys,
I have the following issue with BimX and ArchiCAD 20

I'm saving a BimX 3D model of a building.
Despite the fact that:
- I've ticked the Global Illumination checkbox and
- the saving window is showing the progress of calculation GI (taking reasonable amount of time for model + GI),
when I open the BimX file there is no trace of GI whatsoever.

Any Ideas?

p.s. It's working like a charm in ArchiCAD 19
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By David Maudlin

Make sure you are using the BIMx app that came with AC20, not an earlier version.

You should add a Signature to your Profile (click the Profile button near the top of this page) with your ArchiCAD version and operating system (see mine for an example) for more accurate help in this forum.

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By methy
I have had this same problem before

Do you have any non-archicad library parts such as large polygon count objects (eg trees, cars, people) downloaded from websites that could be causing problems?

If so try turning these objects off prior to creating the bimx I have found this worked for me previously, this can be a good way to isolate troublesome objects.
By minerva
@David Maudlin

That was the problem. Thanks a lot!!!


I use the BIMx for mostly interior shots and avoid high poly models as I was experiencing non stop crashing