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Everything about using Libraries and Library Parts - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: How can I display a Transom above my Door?)

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Thanks, David, but I was looking for things like Connectors, Holdowns, Joist Hangers, Trim, and things like the detail Templates. Obviously not a huge deal since I had 20 and can use these prior objects, but still, very odd that there's such a huge swath of library omissions.
This is ridiculous. I would like to lodge a formal protest. This is an attack on the Art of Drawing!

I still believe that 2D detailing is a necessary and efficient workflow for Architects, and those parts were integral. If anything, we need MORE. I'm missing all of the wood casing/base/brick mold profiles, the pipe Round Break line, the Brick Coursing section, and dummy markers for Detail, Section, and Column Grid. In order to maintain graphic consistency, I don't want to change these to lines and arcs, and it's always been my policy that a healthy, new project does NOT need to load the "Migration Libraries".

There were also some 3D Stair and Rail part Objects that could continue to be handy, especially for those who don't have the time to learn the new tools or set up new standards right now.

Did they do this to save, like, 2 megabytes? I've NEVER had a problem with TOO MANY objects; this is really not necessary. C'mon, Graphisoft, there are so many USEFUL changes you could make... ESPECIALLY to improve Detailing. Don't waste your time making it HARDER!

In short, NEW RULE: Never delete a library part unless it specifically conflicts with a new feature!

I guess I'll be adding these to our office custom library. One more thing for the to-do list.
Several months ago, converting our template to 21 I was shocked that all the detailer objects loaded from the migration library. "Where the **** did they go?!"

It would be nice to know what Graphisoft was thinking when they deleted it. Is there something that has the same or similar function and made them obsolete?

I'm really for BIM and detailed modelling - to a reasonable point, but there will always be a need for 2D-based details.

I get it that you can always load it from older libraries etc., but I'm really curious what the imaginary workflow is that makes these not needed.

This page really didn't give an explanation: ... brary.html