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By Matej Sebek

I am dealing with a problem with fonts using ArchiCAD crossplatform mac/win.

Is there any functional solution for companies using both platforms? When we want to have schedules and any other graphics exactly the same on both platforms? The fact is, that win fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri) are not correct for shedules in mac because of they are not fully unicoded and we work with cze font families.

I red about Xreadcfg file, but I wasnt abble to make it funcional? Have anyone any advice? THX a lot.

By zoli79
This has become a problem for us as well. Our office uses Mac OS and we were testing remote work on a Windows machine. Our typical fonts are Arial Narrow, Trade Gothic. On windows these fonts don't show up as missing but their spacing is larger, resulting in rows blending into each other, longer rows and even cropped out texts.
Doing some google research, I found that webdesigners suggested as a general rule of thumb that if you work on Windows, it should look fine on a Mac, but if you work on Mac it will look crappy on Windows. Great...

I wonder if anyone has a solution for this issue or was this covered in another thread here?
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By LaszloNagy
This is just a guess from me.
There is a file called


in the


folder. It is a configuration file for cross-platform font conversion.
Maybe you need to configure this file properly.
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By Da3dalus
We're having the same problem. Any luck adjusting the configuration file?
By zoli79
Not much, but I haven't gone too far with it, because we figured it would be best if my partner bought a Mac Mini for himself and not deal with potential issues like that.