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Interactive Schedule, Listing, Creation of Quantity Take-offs, Bills of Materials.

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By arqrivas
Hi, I was wondering if there is a way or an option to auto adjust all schedule cell sizes to fit to the content?
Every time I modify a schedule enough I will need to go and double click on the black lines in the ruler to make it fit to the content of the cell.

So, is there an option for that in a single action?
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By Barry Kelly
arqrivas wrote:So, is there an option for that in a single action?

Not that I am aware of.
But if there is someone please let us know.

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By vfrontiers
I've never seen that option...

ALSO... I'd like to see the schedule boxes work like the LAYOUT GRID..
Especially for GRAPHIC Boxes (window elevations, for example)....

So if I set up a min. box width, would be nice if windows longer would force a 2nd box... Right now they just push into the next box...

It just never fails that I'll have 30 windows 3' wide and 1 or 2 at 10' or 12'...