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By watsermetjou
Anyone knows how to select these options in the Schedules/Element list?

Need the specific glass surface of the created windows / doors.

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By David Maudlin

This parameter can be added to an Interactive Schedule via the Scheme Settings > Available Parameters: Add Object Parameters option from the pop up list in the lower left of the dialog box. You will then need to navigate to the library part you are using and select the specific parameter to add it to the Interactive Schedule. In the Help files see: User Interface Reference > Dialog Boxes > Scheme Settings Dialog Box (Interactive Schedule): Add Object Parameters.

By watsermetjou
Hi David,

Thanks for your help, I've found it.
I've noticed it that the glass surface isn't calculated to the specific window-/door model. All are set on 0,00 m2, which is a pity.
Lets hope Graphisoft will BIM this feature in AC17.
By A Staahl
I also found it to only show 0,00m2. This should be fixed!
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By LaszloNagy

Could you post screenshots that show the exact object parameter you are trying to show in the schedule and the result in the schedule.
This is too little information. The more information we provide to GRAPHISOFT the better chance there is that they can fix the issue.
By A Staahl
It's the real number parameter for Basic window called "gs_list_glassarea". It always displays 0m2 in schedules (I guess because it's not a length parameter). I think there is no length parameter that actually calculates only the glazing of a window.
By A Staahl
I think I have a solution. You can make a surface schedule and list the surface parameter 'exposed surface'. As criteria you can for instance use window+surface material.

You have to divide the results by 2 as it counts the glass on both sides of the door/window. I find this method limited to single planar surfaces... if say you have a convex or concave surface...!