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By Robert Nichols
I'm just starting to experiment with Graphic Overrides. When Renovation filters arrived in 19 (18?), I thought they were a great solution to a tricky problem (demo plans), so I was eager to see their logic extended.

But..I'm not seeing a means to hide elements using the Graphic Override controls. I had expected I could control visibility of any element I could identify with selection criteria. My specific task was to create a series of construction sequence views. The elements I wanted to show up sequently would have ID's of something like seq1, seq2, etc. Being able to filter and control visibility with Graphic Overrides would avoid a proliferation of single-purpose layers and layer sets.

I went back into the Renovation dialogs to see if I could solve my problem there, but the show/hide/override filters appear to act only on the 3 possible values of the Renovation Status field. So, I suppose to could do something inelegant and call my first sequence "existing", my second sequence "demo" and my third sequence "new construction," but then I'm out of sequences.

Was I expecting too much from GI (though I do appreciate their obvious intended purpose)? Is the functionality I'm seeking there - and I'm just not seeing it?

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By LaszloNagy
This is something that has been brought up multiple times before. Unfortunately, Graphic Overrides do not have a HIDE option which would enable one to hide or make invisible elements meeting specific criteria.

You can try to override those elements with a white Pen outline and invisible Fills.