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By daviiiiidave
Would love to have a good Connection to Unreal 4 Engine with working UVs and optimized files for Game Engines. I think this is the future of Visualization in architecture.
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By LaszloNagy
FYI: Twinmotion 2018 has just been released, it is based on the Unreal Engine and has a direct synchronization feature with ARCHICAD:

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By daviiiiidave
yeah thanks i tried that, but thats not what im searching for. TM is Based on Unreal but its not the same. And the Results in TM look always like TM. To much fixed parameters inside the software itself.

what im searching for is a full coopertation between Graphisoft and Unreal. Then GS had to think about the texture, quads, normals, game rdy objects, low poly high poly. It should be like. ok i design in archicad and i can export it as fbx or 3ds, obj and the exported model is fully game rdy. so it has material slots, you can easy make the shaders in unreal the polycount is right, LOD, optimized surfaces, smoothing groups etc.

I think as an architect you will have to learn to make the texture right to underline you idea.

but now i have to but 3dmax or maya between engine and AC to get proper resoults on texture surfaces etc.

more like this, in an very easy way cause AC and UE4 work together :)

By Electric Flute
This page describes Datasmith, a Workflow Toolkit for Unreal Engine.

There is a question made by a user and the responde made by Unreal team:

Q: Whoa! Very cool! Any support for CAD softwares like Revit or ArchiCAD?

R: Currently, you'd have to go through 3ds Max to get to Datasmith from Revit. We're considering Revit, but we're also pushing people to look at Twinmotion - who have a live-link to Revit and have integrated UE4 as their rendering solution. They support ArchiCAD too.