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Modeling (Wall, Door, Window, Roof, Stair...), Favorites...

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By Barry Kelly
Vahur wrote:
Barry Kelly wrote:Not if you don't want it to.
Turn off the Auto ID Increase checkbox in the Options > Project Preferences > Miscellaneous dialog box.


There is no such menu at this location, tried all profiles, including standard.

Sorry I got that from the Help guide for what ever version of Archicad I had open at the time (can't remember which one it was now).

In 18 it has been moved to the Work Environment.

By philips
Barry Kelly wrote:
Vahur wrote:There is no way to change properties of elements by changing favorites.

True but if you have the type parameter in your door/window objects you can create a schedule that shows that parameter.
It can then be edited directly in the schedule.

You can even use the schedules as an advanced Find & Select.
Set up a schedule to find all windows that are - 1400x1200, opening inside, white colour, triple glass - use these as your search criteria.
Add a field that shows the 'Type' parameter and then you can edit them all to be the code that you want - either directly in the schedule (one by one) or you can highlight all of the windows in the schedule and use the 'show and select in plan or 3D' buttons to select all the windows and edit the parameter at once for all selected windows.

Now you can just change the selection criteria to find other window types.

Not the most elegant solution but until we get the option to Find & Select by object parameters this will have to do.


Barry, You are absolutety right.
Now try to explain this to a person who works in Archicad no longer than a weeek... after your 3rd sentence he/she will look deeply in your eyes and start notting :)

Schedules are great but as I noticed something like 50% people around me working longer than 2 years in Archicad still find schedules to complicated.
Funny but Find& Select palette seems to be easier for them though the "engine" is basicly the same as in schedules.

The point of TYPES is to avoid selecting at all what allows to be sure all elements of the same type are exactly the same -> no place for mistakes.
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By LaszloNagy
There was a related thread and I posted some GDL examples of how to achieve this with what we currently have: ... hp?t=49136

This is not to subtract anything from the validity of this wish, just to offer a solution for our current situation.
The example I give in the other thread modifies only the Width and Height parameters of Windows based on a WindowType parameter, but this can be extended to modify as many parameters of a Window as needed.
By furtonb
I'm thinking about combining this with Properties, but that leads to a more general question: is it possible to access Properties from the GDL Script?

Requesting a certain Property value that can be scheduled, or in the other direction, writing the result back to a Property, that was calculated in an object.
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By Barry Kelly
furtonb wrote:is it possible to access Properties from the GDL Script?

Not as far as I am aware of.