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By daninet
I still feel the change/revision management is a total mess and unnecessary overcomplicated but let it be as it is functional.

I don't get one thing: What is happening with the change markers after I close the Issue?

I have ~25 changes placed over more than 100 layouts and 300 views. Big project, many changes. I did archive the changes but I don't want to delete them. I want to hide them.
Do I really need to open all views one-by-one and put the change markers to a hidden layer?
Isn't it should be done globally with a single click? What is the point in archive then?
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By LaszloNagy
In the Layout Book tab of the Navigator, right-click the Book at the top of the tree and activate the Issue Details option. In the appearing Issue Details Dialog, set the "Show Markers" field to the "of latest Revision only" value.
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By daninet
It is "show latest" by default. I'm at revision 5, all markers archived at revision 2, 3 and 4 are there unless I'm hiding the layer.
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By LaszloNagy
Then I think this is either a bug, or it is a file-specific problem.
I tried this and for me this setting worked: Changes belonging to previous Issues were hidden in all Viewpoints and Layouts.
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By Eric Zehrung
I think I know what is going on. (Had the same problem.)

All change markers remain visible on views. The "show markers on latest revision" refers to layouts. Previous markers will appear on a layout until that layout is added to a new issue. That confused me at first. Try this: Create changes and add change markers as needed. Create new issue. In the LAYOUT BOOK, make sure that the correct changes are attached to the right layouts. In the BOOK SETTINGS, make sure that the layout is included in the current issue. (This is what I had missed.) Finally, update the layouts in DRAWING MANAGER. After that, the previous change markers should disappear from the layout. Layouts not included in the current issue will still show the previous change markers. The entire history of change markers will visible in the view.

Is this how other people understand it to work?
By ClaudiaDeGoede
Eric explained it very good. My questions is: if for example a door spec in the door schedule would have to add a change "cloud" on the layout....because you can't add it for example in the door elevation annotation field in the schedule - these changes added directly on layouts do NOT disappear when you want to issue the layout again - thus my wish:
PLEASE make it possible to add changes in the schedule fields (plans elevations, views). - or does someone have a workaround ?
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By KatalinBorszeki
Hi All, the change markers should not be visible with the "show markers of latest revision only" setting. This is an error on our end, and it is planned to be corrected in the next update! Thanks for letting us know, kata
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By junior
I can confirm that I have this same issue on AC20 Build 5025 USA FULL.
By PrendosJoe
We're having the same issue in AC20 with older issue change markers not 'turning off' when new changes are added even when the layout is added to the new issue. We didn't have an issue in AC19.. is this going to be fixed please?