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I love Eduardo's term: previous software muscle memory. I definitely have that.

I'll check that site, thanks Richard!

And honestly, if all I'm bitching about is shortcuts and the Align tool that's pretty [censored] good.

I am a very happy ex-Revit dude overall. :lol:
For Pete's sake...

Can Graphisoft just allow us to SCHEDULE LABELS????

Wouldn't that solve the keynoting issue?

a. Create a LABEL that displays a KEYNOTE
b. Part of the label is a Database query of MY OFFICE KEYNOTES
- 1. Short Notes
- 2. Long Note
d. Schedule can then
- FIND ALL LABELS on a particular layer
- Show LABEL ID (keynote #) and Long or Short Note

This allows me to CHOOSE which items get notes (so I don't have to choose all OBJECTS for example, just the ones I want to note)

And allows me to notate different element types (walls, objects, meshes or even 2d elements)

Been asking for 20years for this functionality... How can this be a difficult thing???


BTW, yes I could essentially do this with an OBJECT, but I can't have that object associate with the element it's pointing to.