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By MitchDes
First time post. I am trying to edit a large text box. When I dbl click to go to edit mode, the box enlarges which normally is fine, but this time it is filling the whole screen. Normally when you finish editing you just click back on the screen to close the editing window, but when the editing window is taking the whole screen there is no way of clicking out of the window. I can close it by hitting ESC but then I lose the edited changes. Any help appreciated.
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By Barry Kelly
I have moved you post to "Working in Archicad" which is a more appropriate section of the forum.
Please look at the description as that will give you an idea of the best place to post.

All I can think of to help you is to zoom out a bit before you double click on the text to edit.
The edit box should adjust automatically - if the text is too small when you double click it the edit box will be bigger so you can se it properly, and if too big the edit box should get smaller.
I have never seen it fill the entire screen.

What is the screen size and resolution that you are using?
Also your operating system and Archicad version can often help.

By MitchDes
Thanks Barry,
I agree that changing the zoom usually works, but not this time for some reason. It doesn't seem to matter how close or far, or where it is on the screen, as soon as you dbl click it fills the screen to the point where all of the model space area is covered. Is there a keyboard command or some other method you can use to close the editing box? The software is Archicad Start 2016 (it is up-to-date). The OS is windows 10 Pro, the monitor is a 24' HD running at max resolution.
AC Text Problem 2.JPG
Screen shot of opened editing box.
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By Barry Kelly
Seems to be because you have so much text.
I just tried and yep, it filled the whole screen.

Zooming out (quite a way) before selecting still helped me.
However I also discovered that CTRL+ENTER closes and keeps your changes.

By MitchDes
Thanks heaps Barry :D It doesn't seem to matter what the zoom is, I still get the same result, but the Ctrl Enter certainly works!
By zoli79
I sometimes have the same exact problem. Usually opening the text edit box from a different zoom helps, but I've seen some texts, where that doesn't work. (Not that the zooming nonsense before entering text edit would be a normal solution to the issue...)
What's the most frustrating is that it covers out the text editing palette.
I'm guessing it's a bug, and hopefully they got it fixed in 21 (I'm still in 20)