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By sigitas
Long time I been using schedules created by company. We just load them from server to current design model. But in AC21 we couldn't load old schedules pops up Error <<Corrupted XML file! Unable to load scheme settings.>>

Is here a way to load old schedules to new design in AC21.
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By Barry Kelly
You could try opening an old version job that has the schedules in 21.
Then export them again (from 21) so they can be then be imported into any other job.

By Tim Ball
I have just done this in relation to properties import. If you open the old file in 21 and create an xml export, you can bring that into another 21 file without the error problem
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By KatalinBorszeki
HI! As previously suggested here by other users, XML import and export only works with identical ARCHICAD versions. If the user wants to import XML data from e.g. ARCHICAD 20 to 21 , first migrate the ARCHICAD 20 project to ARCHICAD 21 and then export the XML file. Best