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By alemanda
Hi all!
I recently bought the MEP Modeler.

I tried to draw a pipe for waste water with a slope of 1% and I was able to do it.
The question is: how to change the slope of the whole pipe route I've drawn before in order to match the given exit discharge height?
Is it possible?
I don't know the answer, I have not worked with MEP Modeler enough to know the answer.
Here is an MEP Modeler playlist on YouTube, hopefully one of the clips will contain the answer: ... 1580FD53EC
Thanks Laszlo,
Plan route Editing seems to be very easy.
While I understood how to draw the pipe with a slope, I didn't find the way to change slope of piping at once. Rather it seems that I should change the slope piece by piece ... :roll:
Does Anyone else have a suggestion?

I want to say also that the concept behind the MEP modeler would allow archicad to be also a very powerful structural modeler ... smart connection between parts could be extended to structural connection
I have received the info from GRAPHISOFT that after placement, you can edit the sloping of individual elements only, but not the whole network of elements.
Thank you Laszlo.
That's a pity.
Hope they will implement such as pipe editing option in the next version.