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I am having trouble translating my archicad files to .dwg properly. The text in my archicad file is wrapped but then when I save it as .dwg and open the .dwg file the text is in a single line. This is happening in text blocks and zone stamps, but label text is wrapping just like in archicad.
Here's how it looks in the original .pln file: (ok I'm not sure how to post screenshots so I am trying it here and also as attachments below)

I figured out that I can just add hard returns to make the text blocks appear the way I want them to, but it would be nice for them to automatically convert to the same size and wrap. For the zone stamps I am at a loss. Any suggestions?
Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 11.35.56 AM.png
.pln appearance
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This has been my biggest frustration with DWG export for years. The treatment of text seems inconsistent when opening in Autobad, usually with line spacing being squeezed in isolated text blocks despite being the same formatting as other text in the layout. Fortunately I have access to a copy of AC LT so I can correct the embarrassment before sending the plan.

It would be good if GS could do some consistency checking to identify why this is happening.

I use Draftsight to verfy my DWGs so I "save" on the Autodesk tax since it is free.

• For DWGs I always export a test sheet from the project.
• I open this DWG and erase all lines and then edit the colors for the Layers, Linetype scale etc.
• For text I open "text styles" and edit them so that they show as they are supposed to.
• Then I save this file and use it as my base reference for my translator.

I have notice that exported DWG's open correctly in Draftsight but Autocad sometimes "italicizes" fonts.