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By Bling Keeta
My Fit In Window command all of a sudden zooms out my window to
0.000000%. No matter how I try to tweet it, it goes to 0%. I have to use Zoom to Home to adjust my zoom. All other AC functions work with no problem.
Is there anything I can do to set this back?
By Bling Keeta
Bruce, it only happens with this particular file.
Other files working normally.
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By Bruce
Then I would say what most likely has happened, is there is an element widely scattered from the rest of your model. If, at full extent, you do a select all, you may notice two different groups of hotspots. This should enable you to identify which element/s have gone rogue...
By Bling Keeta
I suspect this is the problem too. But Select All does not show anything.
By the way , Elevation and Section windows work fine.
By Bling Keeta
I finally found that little dot far away from the building. Problem solved. Thanks.