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It would be handy to program objects to turn according to the section/elevation orientation . Flat trees and people would show their fascades then. In 3d wiew perspective window you can orientate with GLOB_TARGPOS_x,y,z and GLOB_EYEPOS_x,y,z global variables already.
Thank You GS.
Hi Pertti,

I agree. A new set of globals for sections/elevation is much needed. Your orientation global is a good example.
From my scripting experience, and related to section/elevation globals, I would also like to have an object global that would tell if the object is cut by a section or not.
As an object become complex, sections can get slow to regen, specially with lots of instances. With this global, only the cut objects would display in detail.
Cut recognising is a useful idea, for example cut windows could show much more information than those in the background.

section/elevation windows should have movable hotspots which adjust the boundaries of s/e:s . Especially section top and bottom boundaries which are now adjustable but only in the dialogue box and by characters, could be handy to adjust "on site".
I like this idea a lot. There are serious efficiency drawbacks which made it impossible for Graphisoft to implement earlier. We'll keep that in the top section of the (GDL related) wish list and we'll see what's possible.

Has this been implemented yet in AC14/15? Using 2d planar trees that face the correct way in elevation would be incredibly useful, and really help speed up the automatic placement of entourage to 'decorate' the drawings.

The online basic library documentation for AC15 appears to show that there are no new features introduced this year, so I'm hoping it just hasn't been updated yet. :wink:

Fingers crossed!