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By ksjhawk
I have made a stair in AC21. I have gotten it the way I want it, 5'-0" between stringers. I then use command+T to edit a parameter, and when I hit ok, the stair shrinks by 1/2". In the attached examples, I didn't even change anything when getting into the settings dialog, I just hit command+T and hit ok and it shrunk. I know there are bound to be bugs, but...

I should add that the width of the stair does not change in the settings dialog box when this happens.
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By LaszloNagy
So you are saying that each time you activate the Stair Settings Dialog, then click OK, the Stair width decreases by 1/2" without you making any modification?
I tried this but I couldn't reproduce this behaviour.
Could you attach a minimalistic PLA file or upload it somewhere and include its link?
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By Barry Kelly
Just looked at your file and I think I can tell you what is causing the problem but not how to fix it.
I haven't played with stairs enough yet and I am not sure why your stair has the baseline on the inside and not around the outside - this may be contributing to the problem?

It seems to be caused by the baseline offset.
At least this is how much your stair changes each time.
Problem is if you set it to anything else the stair becomes invalid.

Set it to 0 and choose one of the valid options and the stair won't move.

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By KatalinBorszeki
Hi All,
This is a known issue...
If these two factors coexist, the problem will be present:
- there is an offset value different from 0 defined as Baseline offset
- the boundary line of the stair has been customized (geometrically edited)
then this happens.

The workaround is to eliminate one of the two conditions.
This bug is planned to be fixed in the next regular update. best,
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By Barry Kelly
It appears this shrinking problem has been fixed in the latest update build 5002.
Preview only at the moment for AUS, INT, UKI and USA language versions.
All language version should be out in a few weeks.

•233058 STAIR: Anytime the settings of a placed stair was opened and closed, the stair shrank with the value of the Baseline offset parameter. ... hp?t=58211