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Hardware specific issues - computers, graphics cards, mice/input devices, system benchmarks, protection key issues, etc.

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Patrick actually :)

Glad to be of help! I've learned a lot reading forum posts and blogs from people who take the effort of sharing what they found out. So while I was at it.. It took a bit more time than I had intended though!

I just made up my mind and ordered a 32" 16:9 monitor - the Asus PB328Q. It scores a bit better than the BenQ with the same panel. And it has the same foot and styling of the PA249 that I have now. A photoshop mockup of the workspace helped made up my mind, that spreadsheet was not the best strategy I guess..

16:10 30" was too expensive for similar quality, the dell was double the price of the asus. The cheaper Iiyama has some issues..

16:9 UHD @ 43" is still in its infancy. PWM screens, semigloss, bad color accuracy... some compromises I was not willing to make. And I was a bit afraid of the sheer size 8)
As you can see on the workspace mockup, it's hard to fill the borders of the screen with pallettes and toolbars. AC needs more functionality to fill up all those pixels!

The model in the mockup is the existing part of a renovation project by the way, so it's not something I designed.
AC 24 32 43 workspace.jpg
My impression after a day with the new screen: it rocks!

I was disappointed at first by the quality of the viewport rendering. I'm familiar with the terrible AC anti-aliasing on windows in 3D view, but it just seemed a lot worse with a bigger viewport. Although the ppi is identical, it just felt different.

I opened AC21 in demo mode (local AC21 will be released next month) and was pleased to see that viewport rendering has improved a lot. It's still far from mac territory I guess. But with a 2px line in 3D style and a dark grey instead of black line, the result looks quite slick! A single pixel line still looks bad though.

Orbiting has also improved significantly. The lines stay on while orbiting and it all feels a lot smoother.

So with AC21, a 2560x1440 32" or 2560x1600 30" screen is highly recommended!
AC21 1440p workspace 1600.JPG
Coming back to this thread: in the last couple of weeks I delved into monitor specifications and all that stuff, what is important for what, etc.
And I need to change my opinion: I will not buy a 120 Hz monitor, because, as you said, it is important mostly for a gamer, so 60 Hz monitors will be perfectly fine for me.
Yes. very useful information. I am wondering how ArchiCAD icons and things will look at 3840X2160 I am considering a new laptop with a 17.3 screen.

Considering the cost of a good monitor and a good computer, I think the Mobile Workstation is the way to go. I have some larger monitors I use with my Dell 7720 but I like the size of the laptop screen better. It would handle (2) 8K monitors or (4)4K, or an array of screens, but I like the 17.3".
I am interested in a Dell 8K screen but the smallest one is 32". Too big for me in a CAD workstation I think. However, it would sure be nice for presentations where we can't all set 2' away from the screen.