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By spencerbrowne
I am having trouble figuring out how to get create a graphic override. Graphically on my drawings i would like for all existing elements to appear in a light grey tone and all of my new elements to appear bold. I could get this to work using model view option previously but see unable to do so with the new GO. I think i am missing something simple, but there seems to be no ability under the criteria rules to isolate existing elements, within a specific rule. If anyone out there has figured out how to do this yet i would greatly appreciate any insight you may be able to provide.
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By s2art
Use the Renovation palette to assign existing / demo / new status to relevant elements, then the Renovation filters and overrides to display them as you want.

Eg. on the existing plan all existing elements are set to "show", demolished elements set to "Override" and new elements set to "off"
On proposed plan existing elements can be set to "override" (with override settings making them light grey), demolished elements ste to "Hide" and new elements set to "show" with normal settings.
The renovation filter is saved with the View.
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By spencerbrowne
Thank you for taking the time to respond Stuart. I've attached a screen shot from my desktop illustrating where I seem to be running into the problem. All of the model elements have been assigned to the correct renovation filters, but I cannot find anything under the criteria that will allow me to select existing elements to assign the filter to. I can't seem to figure out what i'm missing.
Screenshot 2016-12-01 17.39.20.png
By LGreen
As far as I know you've hit the same brick wall we have... You'll notice up the top of the rule list are 3 rules specific for overriding existing, demolished and new elements. They sit separate from the rest. You can't delete, duplicate them or edit the criteria for them. Renovation status is then also not available for any other rule.

I'm guessing there's some deeper coding issue behind this with the renovation tool. Essentially the reno tool already functioned the same as Graphic Overrides, just specifically for reno status. So when Graphic Overrides came out, to keep the reno tool working it's overriding functions simply got hard coded to the Graphic Overrides. That's my guess anyway, could be completely wrong.

In short it looks like, as per previous versions, you can only have 1 set of overrides for each status. This was never a full solution as you need cut and cover fills to be treated differently. Unfortunately it seems while Graphic Overrides provides a lot of options to do some pretty cool stuff, improving the renovation tool is not among it. Hopefully in future releases they'll re-do the reno tool and better integrate with the Graphic Overrides.
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By NCornia
Hi All,

We have a wish # 10896 in our wishlist database about having Renovation Statuses as Criteria rather than simply a set of fixed rules. I have added this post to the wish comments to give the wish more weight. Thanks for posting.

Best regards,
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By LaszloNagy

I have just learned that the "Renovation Status" parameter of elements is now available as Graphic Override Criterion in the Graphic Override Rules Dialog of ARCHICAD 21: ... ride_Rules