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we design buildings that impact the environment beyond the property line. And whether an Authority Having Jurisdiction impels us to show how we've mitigated that impact, or, we just think it good commonsensical design thinking, we attempt to comply.

For almost twenty years, a Graphisoft subsidiary has distributed a tool to make one aspect of that environmental impact assessment - overshadowing - an easy task and part of a standard design workflow. It's from Japan, it's an add-on and it's called Shadow Planner.

In this 30th year of ArchiCAD BIM, I'd like to propose that GSHQ recompile this tool for ArchiCAD 19, localize at least to the point where the interface is in English and make it available as part of the other 21 localized versions of the tool.

Overshadowing for the rest of us. For the good of our design souls, our better nature and the people who live in the cities we serve.

Bence Kovács. Please share this tool.