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By Bruce
I'm trying to create (what I thought was) a simple drawing index to sit at the front of my drawing set.

The column headings would be
1. Drawing number (Layout ID)
2. Revision (Current Revision ID)
3. Date (Issued Date)
4. Drawing Name (Layout Name)
5. Scale (Drawing Scales)
6. Notes (Custom text 1)

First attempt was to create a Layouts Project Index. Sounds logical. I can get it pretty close, but it doesn't allow me to add column 3 (Issued Date). Weird.

Never mind, I notice that I can create an Issue Contents Project Index. I might be able to get what I want here. It allows me to add ALL the columns (excellent), but:
- formats the date with a time stamp (only want the date, please), and,
- lists the scale of every drawing on every layout - regardless if they are the same or not. This is weird too, as the Layouts Project Index combines similar scales.


Anyone know how to:
1. Add the Issued Date field to a Layouts Project Index, OR
2. Format the Issued Date field in a Issue Contents Project Index, AND
3. Combine similar scales in the same

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By Erwin Edel
Missed your post. What we've done is add the issue date and change dates as a Layout info scheme parameter. You can set these per layout and schedule them in the index.

I don't like going by system date for issues and changes, ussually we decide on one date for all our documentation and it hardly ever is the current date.

These also become autotext, so you can add them to your title blocks.