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Visual appeal, Interactions (Navigate, Select, Edit, Input), User Interface Components...

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ArchiCAD with Themes?!

It took a few days, but I figured out how all the new icons look, and I don't miss the old interface at all anymore. I do have 20/20 eyesight and relatively young eyes. I can see how a lack of contrasting color could be a problem as one's eyes get worse over time. It's a fact that the ability to view contrast degenerates over time. Since some like the current color scheme (and hopefully the ability to customize colors in the future), and some do not like the new color scheme, why not have "themes" like so many other software use? People could create color Themes and share them like they do with Work Environments, and Templates. I personally wish most that we could color our folders. With so many folders of views it would really be great if my most used ones could be a different color than the rest.
I have started a new project in AC20... I regret that already!
1. I spent at moment ~ 3x longer time than I usually do, but didnt finish it yet
2. After 8 hours of work my eyes are red and "sandy"
3. As I spent a lot of time and didnt get work finished, I feel very frustrated.
4. I became very irritated, depressed. Every day I imagine how I hammer nails into UI developers head, of course nail head in front.

So I am spending my nerves, losing money and time just because of one id... bad person.

I'm with @Vasil4y92... Bring back color and give us a BLACK background option! I've actually been turning on the Invert in the Mac Accessibility Control Panel, and as long as I'm working on design, not photos, it's very soothing.

Bluebeam, Pixelmator, and Adobe (dark Gray) really know what they are doing! Even Apple's creativity apps (Garageband, iMovie, Final Cut, Logic, and optionally Photos) use the dark gray, and color icons really POP.

Think it through... you can give certain color ranges a purpose, such as red representative of a warning, while green means something is active (we do still have this in Teamwork Reserved Indicators).

We're getting used to it, but there's still a lot of grumbling out here.
Well - after several months using AC20 I can confirm that the new interface is awful! The lack of colour is unforgivable in this type of complex application. Everything takes longer because the eye cannot immediately locate the relevant icon. I am really disappointed and have started new projects on AC19 because it is simply more efficient use of time.
Agree: When I go back to a project in V19 it instantley becomes apparent that colour is better.
Why and how did this happend?
Archicad is a professional tool not a modern hobby device, and making ALL icons colorless was not very thoughtful of you.
Color is essential for brain-eye reaction.
Instead: create at least two UI color schemes and input color to UI, PLEASE!!! :idea: