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I want to create a window/door schedule that has the opening width and opening height in individual columns in measured units (feet-inches).

For example, in the Archicad 21 Commercial Template, these are labeled as follows and noted in blue typeface:
W/D Opening Width (Archicad 20)
W/D Opening Height (Archicad 20)

The other Add Fields properties, such as Scheme Settings: Window/Door: W/D Opening Height on the Reveal Side and General: Width, are all in calculated units (decimal feet).

This same situation occurs in other projects I have migrated to AC21. In one project, I deleted the parameters W/D Opening Width (Archicad 20) and W/D Opening Height (Archicad 20) and I am unable locate them or import them back.

What is the purpose of the parenthesis (Archicad 20)? The Classification Manager only indicates ARCHICAD Classification – 20. There is no version 21 as referenced in the support video.

The blue typeface likely indicates unreferenced parameters. Panel Thickness is another such parameter, which I want to use. How do I access these in the current project or transfer them to other projects?

Has AC21 outright abandoned the basic Opening Width, Opening Height and Panel Thickness parameters in measured units?
Graphisoft addressed this here: It appears to be a bug.

I'm trying to update all of my template schedules, and it seems AC21 has messed up some of the variables. Luckily, I still have our old schedules from AC20, which seem to still work, but I can't add anything new and have it format to the correct Dimension style.