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there are fills that are not showing up in drawings on layouts, even though they are clearly showing in the view. When you select the drawings you can see the fills as if the pen of the fill is white, even though in the view the pen of the fill is not white. In addition, lines are not showing with the correct pen color on the layouts. Of course, because they are not showing on the layouts, the fills are also not printing. This seems to only be happening on wall sections and elevations.

We've already checked layers, pens, fill types and settings, renovations filters, graphic overrides, and drawing settings. In all cases, all settings are correct, and the fills and lines are still not showing properly on the layout.

This only occurs after revisions have been made to views, and it's happening to every project in the office, and on different computers. All affected computers are iMacs running El Capitan, Sierra, or High Sierra.

What are we missing? This is really killing our production because it's happening on Construction Documents.
It happens the opposite to me.
Some lines are not visibile in the view while they are correctly displayed in the layout where that view is placed.
I checked everything and I can't understand what it happens.
It's just a project migrated from Ac19.